Tuesday, June 17, 2014

First Day, Last Day

So, Penelope finished kindergarten and Daphne finished her second year of preschool! Little Frances May is talking up a storm and adores her big sisters.

It's been so exciting to watch Penelope learn to read and grow as a little artist.

Daphne has learned all of her letters and sounds and is already doing quite a lot of kindergarten work.

 I'm so proud of each of my girls!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Halloween Harvest

This Halloween we went up to Jordan and Kindra's in Longview to go out trick-or-treating with them and their family. Being Penelope's first time truly experiencing the joys of the treats it was a wonderful success. We had been talking to her the week before about trick-or-treating, and she seemed to be in shock when explained that people would give out candy if you just say trick-or-treat at their door.

Nana Gail made cousins Eden and Penelope matching fairy princess gowns.

Fairy Princess Penelope with her mighty Dragon cousin Avery.

The Braddock & Lehner Clan:
Eden (Fairy Princess #1), Penelope (Fairy Princess #2), Daphne (Ballerina), Ireland (Gypsy), Ethne (Chicken) and Avery (Dragon).

Daphne was a pretty ballerina...she spent the whole time trick-or-treating in the stroller. Training for next year, when we'll see twice the candy haul.

Our ballerina and princess girls.
This is one of the few pictures we have of Penelope actually smiling. You have no idea how hard it is to get her to smile when the camera comes out.
The whole family is in the Halloween spirit. Especially Eric Beaver and Katie Farmgirl.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

4 New Holes

So, after Daphne was born I (we?) knew that we wanted to get her ears pierced. It took awhile but Jordan, my brother, convinced his wife Kindra that it was a good idea for them to get their youngest daughter, Ethne's ears pierced as well.
(She's 10 weeks younger than Daphne, can't you tell?)

They seemed so content looking at all the jewelry at Claire's before hand. Little did they know of what was to come.

The first 2 holes.
I think Daphne may be confused about why I seem to be enjoying the process. She definitely is the second child.

And Ethne with the 3rd hole, almost the 4th.
It took quite a few tries with Ethne trying to get the dots in the right spot because they couldn't see around her preciously large cheeks.

All 4 holes and aren't they so pretty.
Daphne seems to be doing great with her earings.